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Date: March 9, 2012

To: Facilities Management

From: Mike Berthelsen

Re: Truck Mount Cleaning

One way we are trying to get more work done with our existing staffing levels is by using equipment to make things easier and to clean more effectively.  We’ve got two truck mounted cleaning units that operate in the East Bank and St. Paul-West Districts which were purchased through publicly issues RFPs.  These powerful units allow us to use water heated to up to 240 degrees to help knock out deeply set stains.  Besides the stain aspect, the high water temperature combined with the chemical mix kills any bacteria lurking in the carpets.  We purchase chemicals in bulk for these units and save about 30% in the process.

The unit’s hose and wand set up provides better mobility than a walk-behind carpet extractor and as long as the building has a stairwell in which to run the hoses we can reach up to six floors.  Another big advantage for the truck mount versus the walk-behind is that it cuts dry time in half.  Besides carpet extraction we use the truck mount to help suck up water after flood events (something that has been highlighted by University Health and Safety as a very successful tool to reduce damage and very expensive re-construction).  We may also have an opportunity to generate additional revenue with the truck mounts by charging departments to do furniture cleaning.

Great Performance – West Bank Team

We had a team on the West Bank who really put FM’s service “on the map.”  Our customers in the James Ford Bell Library needed a wall built to display the world famous Ricci Map.

What made this project especially tough is that it was completed within the confines of the library’s rare materials library.  One customer said, “I'm delighted to share this thank you note I received regarding the work completed in our James Ford Bell Library, by FM staff.  The wall constructed will be used to hang the ‘Ricci Map’, which if you’re not aware started its tour at the Library of Congress and concluded it in the James Ford Bell Library.  The physical location, within our rare materials library, and the wall's final location in the "Period Room" made this a particularly delicate project.”

Another said simply, “Please let all the staff involved, particularly Glenn Snyder, how much the staff in the Libraries appreciate their talents and attention to detail.”

Thank you to:

  • Glen Synder, Carpenter
  • Jim Koerner, Carpenter
  • Dean Nelson, Electrician
  • Kevin Johnson,  Plumber
  • Randy Sellie,  Painter
  • Paul Kelsey,  Custodian
  • Larry Van Grootheest, Custodian
  • Wayne Howell, Custodian

Keep up the good work.


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Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.