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Date: September 16, 2011

To: Facilities Management

From: Mike Berthelsen

Re: Welcoming President Kaler

Since being established in 1851, there have only been 16 individuals tapped to lead the University of Minnesota.  While President Kaler hit the ground running back in July, his official inauguration happens on September 22.  As part of the celebration, President Kaler will be conducting a number of “campus crawls” where he is touring campus and stopping in on different programs.  In addition to our standard maintenance work we have also polished up a number of the venues where the festivities will be occurring and will be putting our best foot forward for the many guests who will be visiting the campus.

Please allow yourself extra time to circulate around campus this Thursday as we’ll have many folks who haven’t been on campus before.  I appreciate the extra care you have been taking as the students have arrived back on campus.  Light rail construction has made it more difficult to move and it seems like most students these days have a hard time walking without either using a cell phone, ipod or both.  Don’t count on them seeing you, even if you are in a large vehicle.

Great Performance -  Paul Engelstad and Jerry Moch, Painters

Part of getting the campus ready for students, and the occasional inauguration, is putting a new coat of paint to help make the place pop.  Both Paul and Jerry make this happen.  Here’s what a satisfied customer from Housing and Residential Life said:

“Just writing to let you know that I had a really great experience … this summer. We had painters Paul Engelstad and Jerry Moch at Comstock and they were the among the best I've ever worked with. Extremely efficient, pleasant and professional. It's been great having them here. They got a lot of work done and the rooms look great for our incoming residents. Please let them know I appreciate their hard work and commitment.”

Thank you Mr. Engelstad and Mr. Moch for making the U shine.  Keep up the good work!

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