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Date: June 7, 2011

To: Facilities Management

From: Mike Berthelsen

Re: Posting Additional Senior Positions

During our meeting on the new custodial program, many had concerns about how well the teams would work together.  The responsibility for this lies with all of us.  Each person is responsible for completing their own assignments, cooperating with others in the team, assisting each other when the situation requires it, and being positive and professional.  Management is responsible for providing work direction and assignments, providing necessary supplies and equipment, communicating expectations and feedback to employees on how well they are meeting expectations, communicating with building contacts about their needs and our services, and completing administrative duties.  As is commonly done in custodial programs, we have also created a ‘Lead Worker’ role which we call the B&G Senior.  This has been an important position that can take on a cleaning role due to a vacancy, provide training/mentoring, or with direction from her or his supervisor can provide other custodians in the crew work direction and assignments.

In researching the successful implementation of team cleaning, we have found other universities employ a lead worker within each squad or team who performs duties like FM’s Senior Buildings & Grounds position. In order to have this kind of leadership in FM and to help address concerns we heard about how well teams will work, we will be hiring approximately 60 additional Senior B&G positions to complement our existing 33 (note:  this will not affect our  total number of staff.  We are planning to change 60 B&G positions into B&G Seniors).  Seniors who are working in a team will perform the duties of the Utility Technician role with additional duties to assist the supervisor in leading the crew.  This role would typically not rotate like the Vacuum, Restroom and Trash/Dust Technician roles. (You will learn more about these roles in the team cleaning training which will begin next week).

Besides contributing to the success of the operations, this role helps provide a growth path for you as well as an opportunity to earn additional compensation. Compensation for the Senior B&G classification is $15.49 – 20.00 per hour.  The B&G worker compensation is $12.51 –18.92 per hour.

All seniors, both existing and new hires, would be responsible for performing all duties in the Sr. B&G job description.  Most senior assignments would have primary responsibilities which would include leading team cleaning crews, leading project crews or helping to assist the custodial supervisor.

What are the Senior Roles?  Copies of the new job description with full details of these roles will be posted on bulletin boards, put on FM’s web-site in the custodial section, and handed out with this message to each of you.

  • (NEW) Team Cleaning Crew Lead Worker
    • Perform a team cleaning role as Utility specialist (non-rotating)
    • Assist the supervisor in leading a crew of 4-7 staff
  • Project Team Crew Lead Worker
    • Perform a project cleaning role
    • Assist the supervisor in leading a crew of 4-7 staff
  • Relief
    • Fill in as relief during vacancies on a team cleaning or project crew
  • Lead worker
    • Assist the supervisor with multiple crews/teams
    • Assist with quality assurance
    • Assist with training

What is the hiring process?

June 7 -14Post Sr. B&G positions
June 20 -24Interviews for qualified candidates
June 27Offers made for new positions.
August 14Begin new assignments

We will be following Article 25.4 of the Teamster Contract to fill the new positions. If you are a current Senior B&G Worker and are interested in moving to a new Sr. B&G Assignment, you must apply for this posting.  Successful candidates will be required to pass an equipment skills assessment prior to passing probation.  Please note, these dates may change.  We will communicate any changes to this schedule.

If you have questions about the Senior B&G posting please contact your supervisor or University Services HR representative Lynne Olson at or 612.624.40.94.
Attached, please find a copy of Senior B&G Job description as well as the hiring schedule for Senior B&G and the bidding schedule for B&G positions.  If you need a hard copy of this information, please ask your supervisor for it.


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Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.