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Equipment Data Forms

The COMPASS Equipment Data Forms are for gathering information on newly installed equipment.  This information is entered into the University of Minnesota Facilities Management Department’s maintenance database (COMPASS). It is used to develop preventive maintenance programs, budgets, and to monitor lifecycle costs.

Below is a list of links to the various categories of equipment forms used for collecting and documenting specifications. Note that individual forms are used for specific pieces of equipment. The Equipment Structure (PDF) form can help you determine which category your equipment falls under. Please consult the appropriate University staff person as noted below for assistance in selecting and using the appropriate form(s).

Electrical Systems

Elevator Systems


Fire Protection Systems

HVAC Air Distribution Systems

HVAC Controls and Instrumentation

HVAC Cooling Systems

HVAC Heating Systems

HVAC Package and Terminal Systems


Plumbing Systems

Specialty Systems

Energy Management Use Only


Three Cs

NOTE: Equipment Data Forms are intended for use by architects, engineers, contractors, vendors and University personnel to collect and document new equipment specifications. 

For NON-University users: 
Please coordinate your use of these forms with the designated University staff person who is responsible for the project for which the form is being used. They will assist you in determining which forms must be used, the proper naming conventions and equipment identification numbers. Do not submit any forms without prior discussion with your University representative.

For University employees:
Please coordinate the use of these forms with the designated Planner for the District in which the new equipment is located. You may also contact a Central Planner by email (Central for assistance.