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Pack and Give Back 2013

 Just because you're finished doesn't mean it's finished.

Trash zone pick-up for your old stuff


Free store (at ReUse Warehouse) 


Move-out season in student housing neighborhoods is an exciting time. The next big moving adventure, whether it’s across the street, across the neighborhood, or back home for the summer, is on everyone’s mind.  It’s the time when students with a car find out how many friends they have, others find out how much a rental truck costs, and everyone realizes how many stairs are in their new house. It’s the time of year when we realize what we don’t really need, and these items end up on the curb. Most of these cast-offs are picked up on trash routes and end up in the dumpster.  We can do better than that!
The University of Minnesota ReUse Program piloted “Pack & Give Back” in May of 2013, an initiative aimed at reducing waste generated by students moving at the beginning and end of each semester. A partnership with The Salvation Army will help facilitate on- and off-campus pick-up routes for reusable items that might otherwise end up in landfills. This event targets students, but is open to all residents in the Marcy-Holmes and Southeast Como neighborhoods.

The ReUse Program Warehouse is open for drop-offs during designated dates and times.  Items collected on campus by the ReUse Program, or brought to the ReUse warehouse by students and neighborhood residents, will be part of the program's "Free Store". Based out of he ReUse warehouse (883 29th Avenue SE), all items in the Free Store will be offered free of charge to students and residents of participating neighborhoods. Items collected by Salvation Army will be delivered to Salvation Army collection centers for future re-distribution. 

Salvation Army will not pick up at on a set schedule, but will be on-call only. Call Salvation Army to schedule a pick up anytime during move out! Just call the Salvation Army at (612) 332-5855 and you are part of Pack & Give Back in Marcy-Holmes or SE Como. They will pick up clothing, household items, and furniture that is in reusable condition. No need to be at home during the pick-up, items can be left outside and they'll come get them!

Last May ReUse collected nearly 50,000 lbs of household goods for the free store

Since the University of Iowa began their "Rummage through the Ramp" program in 2007, more than 130 tons of reusable material have been diverted from landfills


Tables/ bare chairs (wood, plastic, other) bookshelves, end tables, desks, computer desks/stands & office chairs, cabinets, bed frames/ headboards. Storage shelves, containers, dressers, lamps and lighted signs (in working condition). Barstools, desk chairs, futon frames (usable). Bicycles & usable bicycle parts/tools. Shovels, yard/garden tools, tools in general and other small household items. Paintings, mirrors, & knick-knacks, candles, dishes, plates, & silverware (garage sale items). Books and other media (cds, dvds approved by staff). Small electronic appliances in working condition (e.g. microwaves, can openers, toaster ovens, etc...) & small (dorm style) fridges in working condition. Clothing and canned food along with other reusable items/materials approved by Pack & Give Back staff.


No items over 200 lbs; no couches, upholstered chairs, pillows, mattresses, boxsprings, bedding, child seats, cribs, etc... no garbage, household hazardous waste (tires, paint, batteries, chemicals, fertilizer, etc…). No broken appliances, large appliances (washer/dryers/full size refrigerators). No broken lights/lightbulbs/ CFL's. No rusted, unusable, or destroyed bicycle parts, frames, tools or household items. No televisions, stereos, monitors, etc… No cell phones, iPods, laptops, cd players, DVD/VHS players, etc... NO broken mirrors, glass, or rotten/other foul-smelling items.





During move-out (May) and move-in (September)

Spring Hours



University students and Marcy-Holmes and Southeast Como residents


The free store will be located at the UMN ReUse Program warehouse

883 29th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


To prevent reusable items from entering the landfill.


For questions, call (612) 626-9152

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