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Recycling Bottle Bails
Recycling Program

A nationally recognized pioneer in institutional recycling, the U of M recycling program processes approximately 3,800 tons of recyclable material annually, or 41% of the University’s municipal solid waste stream. There are nearly 5,000 color-coded recycling containers that make recycling and convenient across campus. FM’s long-term goal is to bring the amount of materials recovered by recycling up to 50% of the school’s waste stream.

It All Adds Up RecyclingIt All Adds Up

As part of the It All Adds Up conservation campaign, the recycling program is committed to recovering an additional five percent of recyclables (450 tons) from the campus waste stream by the end of 2012. Such an increase would prevent nearly 900 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and save more than $50,000 annually. They are developing new approaches, increasing awareness and updating infrastructure in order to meet this goal. Improved educational programs and infrastructure will help increase the percentage of materials recovered and the efficiency of processing them.

Contact Information

Administrative Offices
Como Recycling Facility
3009 Como Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Recycling Hotline: 612-625-8084

Recycling Email:

Recycling Supervisor
Dana Donatucci
Phone: 612-624-8507
Cell: 612-363-6145


Tip of the Month

Recycle CDs and DVDs!

If you have unwanted CDs and DVDs generated on-campus, here's what you can do to recycle them:

1)  Separate CD/DVD from jewel case.

2)  If the jewel case has a paper insert, remove the insert and recycle it in an Office Paper container (grey lid).

3)  Package the CDs/DVDs and the jewel cases in separate compartments, envelopes, boxes or other containers depending on quantity.

4)  Send the separated items to the Como Recycling Facility, 3009 Como Ave SE, Mail Code 5301 through Campus Mail, Attn: Dana.

Note: We cannot accept CDs/DVDs from non-University activities.